Monday, 10 December 2018

Blogmas Day 10: Our Favourite Silver Stores of 2018

Hello, hello,
Long time readers of this blog will know of my deep and abiding love for silver jewellery. So, I thought I would share my favourite silver buying haunts of 2018!

1. Silver House, Colaba Market, Mumbai 

Silver House in Colaba Market has been a store that we've visited off and on since 2002, when one of my sister's friends introduced us to it. It has a stunning and, often, different collection of silver pieces from Rajasthan and Gujarat. They're also decently priced and I guarantee that you'll end up finding several things that you absolutely love!

2. Silver Streak, Bandra 

Silver Streak in Bandra, off Turner Road, is a trendy silver store, with some really 'in' and classic silver pieces. We always find something or the other there to love and end up spending much more than we'd planned to do! This place is a must-visit if you love silver and find yourself in Bandra.

3. Shyle by Astha 

(Image courtesy Shyle's Instagram page)

Shyle, an Instagram find, has quickly become one of our favourite stores to pick up pendants and earrings from. They have the widest range of Rajasthani-style and tribal-inspired silver jewellery, if that is something that interests you. Check out their online store and Instagram page for more details. 

4. Aham Jewellery 

Aham, an Instagram find, has really beautiful silver jewellery ranging from workwear-type simple pieces to very tribal-boho inspired heavier pieces as well. And oh, if you've been looking everywhere for the very trendy glass jewellery.

5. Manjha 

Manjha, who we found via Instagram, has a really unique and stunning collection of jewellery. You have to check out their online store to see for yourself! Featured here is my favourite earring from Manjha! Isn't it lovely?

Hope this was a fun post for you to read! We'll be back with another Blogmas post tomorrow!

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