Friday, 7 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 7: Book Haul from Darjeeling.


My book buying was at a complete standstill during my two month stay in the hometown. I tend to skip my manic book buying when I travel. It's a great way to be kind my wallet when I am spending my money on travel. 

But in Darjeeling I knew I had to buy some books from the Oxford Book and Stationery Co, mainly as travel souvenirs and to buy books from those parts and support a local bookshop. 
I spent some time browsing the shelves and came back with 5 precious books. I even got the books stamped! 
Little happy bookish things! 

Hello gorgeous! 


Curious Tales from the Himalayas by Shaguna Gahilote and Prarthana Gahilote 
Tibetan Folktales by A.L. Shelton 
The King's Harvest by Chetan Raj Shreshta 
Legend of the Lepchas by Yishey Doma 
The Himalaya Club and Other Entertainments from the Raj by John Lang

I read a little bit of this book and really loved the stories and the writing style. 
So charming. 
Did you know John Lang was the lawyer who fought Jhansi ki Rani's case against the East India Company? 
Wow! Right? 

I can't wait to read this book when I am in the hills again. There is this place called Lepcha Jagat and I have plans of reading this book there when I am in hills again. 

How utterly gorgeous is this book?! 
I have heard nothing but great things about the author and picked this book up to sample his writing and story telling. I read a little bit of the first novella and it was just as wonderful and atmospheric as I hoped it would be. 

I am always up to read folktales from anywhere in the world. 
But especially from all corners of India and the subcontinent. 

This is the book I read while I was still in Darjeeling. 
A perfect read for cold, winter nights. I loved how this book included stories from every corner of the Himalayas. 
Fun and wonderful. 

The little cushion cover goes perfectly with my theme of this book haul. 

I have decided to buy books from wherever I travel to. So they remind me of a trip and act as perfect travel souvenirs. 


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