Friday, 14 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 12: Maa Kali Made out of Mirror and Glass+ Where I've Been Gone!


I am running late aren't I? 
I have missed not one but two whole days of Blogmas, something I was so certain I wouldn't do and something I absolutely loathe to do. I take my commitment to Blogmas very seriously. I really, really meant to get a post up every single day but man; life just gets in the damn way sometimes. Like it has done this week! 
Nothing too serious but some general life things. 

On the 12th I had to run a few errands and then I hit the Mall after months. Months of being away and I was back to being a mall rat and I went a little insane. I am looking at you Miniso! 
A little haul will come soon! 
So I am back home late and utterly knackered. I just wanted to shower, have dinner and crawl into bed and that is exactly what I did. So no blog post. 

Yesterday, the 13th was an insane activity filled day. 
Since we've been gone from home for over 2 months, our house needed to be put back in order. Suitcases put away. Sweaters dry cleaned and put back in storage and our Christmas tree box and frills put back in storage too. Yesterday, I did all that and then some! 
All this hurried activity because my parents come here on Sunday and my house doesn't get as cleaned as it does when my folks arrive! 

So adulting has been at a max and as a result of that blogging came to a screeching halt. But not anymore. 
Today I play catch up. 
You get not one but three blog posts today! 
So get excited...or something to that effect! 

A Maa Kali protima made out of glass and mirror. 
Stunning and unlike anything I've seen before. 



Her handy helpers. 
So kickass! 

A mood! 

Some pandal decoration. Everything was dipped in glitter and shimmered and shined! 
Went perfectly with the Diwali mood and aesthetic. 

The Maa Kali that was actively being worshipped because I reckon they didn't want to mess up or risk damaging the mirror work one. 

The club whose Pujo it was, the Dadabhai club. 

And me reflected in the mirror work exterior, camera at the ready. 

More posts coming your way soon! 

Stay tuned! 

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