Saturday, 8 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 8-: What I Loved Best on Netflix in 2018

Netflix has really outdone itself this year with the variety of content that it has created and offered to all of us! We have really enjoyed multiple series and movies on the platform this year and here are our Top 10 Netflix movies/ series/ documentaries (in no particular order):

1. Anne with an 'e': Hands down, the most heartwarming, uplifting, sweet, heartbreaking adaptation of the Anne of Green Gables that I have ever seen! Love the show and highly, highly recommend it for cozy winter night viewing!

2. Wild Wild Country: Who knew our Poona-wala Osho got up to such shenanigans in the US?! We didn't! Why was this not talked about in India?! WTF! This is a BRILLIANT documentary on what a cult did in its attempt to wrest power from citizens of a small town in rural Oregon. Plus, Ma Sheela Anand is one living, breathing sociopath! Here is our review of it right after watching it back in April!

3. The Haunting of Hill House: One of the best horror series I have watched this year! Highly recommend it! A true psychological horror series if there ever was!

4. Brain on Fire: Imagine having a medical condition that no one can diagnose! Imagine being given medicines for multiple mental health issues when you have none of those! Imagine your life falling apart because you fall suddenly ill and no one knows what is wrong with you! This really happened to someone and this harrowing journey is quite an interesting watch.

5. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: We read the book in 2014 and absolutely LOVED it! Reviewed it here. So, obviously, had to watch the movie. The movie is not the same as the book, but is still so good.

6. The Package: Did you watch Euro Trip when you were a young person? If you did and you loved it and you enjoy friendship meets disaster capers, then The Package is the perfect movie for you!

7. To All the Boys I Have Loved Before: A cute teenybopper rom-com with a cute male protagonist. What is not to love?

8. Safe: Written by Harlan Coben and set within a gated community teeming with secrets, Safe is a quick and quite riveting watch.

9. The Staircase: This documentary provides an interesting behind-the-scenes look into the life of someone, who has been accused of murder as well as the nitty-gritted of the American legal process. All true crime buffs must, must watch this one!

10. Ali's Wedding: An unexpectedly tragi-comic tale of an Iranian Australian immigrant family's son trying to fit in with the expectations of his family and of the Muslim community in his area. Truly moving and funny and brilliant!

Did you do a lot of Netflix-ing this year? Do you have anything to add to this list? I'd really love to know!

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