Friday, 28 December 2018

Favourite Movies of 2018

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2018 has been a good year for the small budget, slightly indie kind of movies in India and for the really big budget, multi-starrer movies in Hollywood. So, our favourites of 2018 include all of these kinds of movies.

Let's get into the list (in no particular oder):

1. Avengers Infinity War: What can I say about this movie that has not been said or speculated about already?! My sister and I went to watch Infinity War first-day-first-show.. something, which we haven't done for any movie since.. I guess.. the first Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie?! So, yeah, we're fans! And the movie was everything it was supposed to be and if you are a Marvel fan, you've seen it too, I am sure!

2. Thor- Ragnarok: Easily, hands down, the BEST Thor movie to be made! Hilarious, tragic, full of fun and adventure- this movie is a must-watch!

3. Black Panther: For so many reasons, Black Panther is a stand out, record-breaking movie and deserves to be watched and acknowledged. But even as a superhero movie, it is totally amazing! We get introduced to such kick-ass characters and so many of them women! Wow! Love this movie!

4. Get Out: A mind-blowingly amazing movie with such rich subtext about being black in America. Get Out is in turns bizarre, surprising, scary and, finally, uplifting! A total must-watch!

5. Ferdinand: A truly heart-warming movie about following your heart instead of doing what you are "supposed to do"! Plus, super cute animals! What is not to love?!

6. Badhaai Ho: A hilarious yet poignant movie about family, societal roles, rules and just love! Fantastic performances by Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao, Surekha Sikri and Ayushmann Khurana make this a bit of a cinematic delight!

7. Andhadhun: This is THE movie of the year! Honestly, such a twisty-turn-y suspenseful and fun movie! I think everyone has already seen it, but if not, please do yourself a favour and watch it!

8. Stree: Surprisingly good this one was! An urban legend comes to life in a small town in MP and a rag-tag group of people come together to find this stree, who shows up once a year to traumatise the people of Chanderi. Funny and fun! Also, slightly scary! Stree is a really fun watch!

9. Byomkesh Gotro: The annual Byomkesh Bakshi movie, which simply must be watched because each of these movies are just amazing! This case takes Byomkesh, Ajit and Satyavati to Mussoorie, where their client suspects that his philandering ways will get him murdered soon.. and when he does.. Byomkesh and Co. solve a case with too many red herrings and no real suspects! A good one this is!

10. Guptodhoneyr Sondhane: Literally translated to the search for hidden treasure, this movie is exactly what it sounds like! Our characters find themselves in an old palace, which is rumoured to have the hidden treasure of Shah Shuza, one of Aurangazeb's unfortunate brothers, who left it in the care of the local zamindar whilst fleeing from Bengal. Crazy local goons, lots of puzzle solving make this treasure hunt movie a true adventure! Watch it! It's on Amazon Prime!

What were some of your favourite movies from 2018? Send us some recommendations either here or on Instagram!

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