Thursday, 6 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 6: For the Love of Light.


My hometown goes allllll out for Kali Pujo. The lights are out of this world. There were several more I came across that moved and even had a sound show but those were just impossible to photograph. So I just just put my camera away and took in the beauty and work that went into these installations. 

Forever in love with sparklers. 

This entire street was covered in light. 

Diwali lights at home. 
This compound is basically my father's side of the family. All of my grandfather's brother's kids live here and clearly everyone was very excited about Diwali. 

I am so glad that we stay pretty much lit up from Diwali to year end thanks to Christmas. 

Though my Christmas tree is yet to be put up. But this weekend all I am going to do is put up my tree and try a new light situation with my tree. I am thinking of going the classic route and doing golden lights. 
Can't wait for both, yes I have two Christmas trees, to go up! 

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