Thursday, 27 December 2018

My Least Favourite Books of 2018.


I have been sharing my favourite reads of the year in the last week and also mulling over all sorts of favourites. I have read some 170 books in 2018 and while some were ones I simply adored, some made me smile, some scared me and others moved me. Most of the books I read were good. Some though were less than stellar. Others were down right horrible. 
Very often on the blog I prefer to talk about the books I loved and want to share and shout about the books I loved and want you to read. Most of the time I tend to shy away from mentioning or talking about the books I didn't love. I may mention them in passing but I feel sorta bad bitching about a bad book. 

But...I felt with all the favourites lists, it was only fair that I mention the books that were my least favourite or if I am being honest, the ones I utterly despised! 

Now if any book on this list is one you loved, I mean no offence. We are all different and have different tastes. What works for me may not work you. 
This is just books I didn't like at all. 


1. GIRLS BURN BRIGHTER BY SHOBHA RAO: Now, I may be a minority opinion holder on this book, since this one has rave reviews both on GoodReads and on the internet. But I hated, HATED this book. It felt like it was pandering to the western idea of India and it's crippling poverty! 
Also this book had every bad thing that can happen to women happen to it's lead characters. It was one bad thing after another. 
I didn't warm up to these characters. Nor could I grow to care for them, inspite of every horrible thing that happened to them.  I had the worst time reading this book.

2. GENUINE FRAUD BY E. LOCKHART: I just need to admit that books by this author just don't work for me. I really didn't like We Were Liars and the whole hype that surrounded it. This was fell flat for me too. Not good. 

3. THE PARTICULAR SADNESS OF LEMON CAKE BY AIMEE BINDER: This do I even articulate my dislike for this one?
It was well-written, sure but so utterly bizarre it made me want to throw it aside after I finished it. I am all for magical realism but this was a bit much. Like a lot much. 
Just no! 

4. BRING ME BACK BY B.A. PARIS: Is there anything worse than a thriller that has a disappointing ending? 
I liked B.A. Paris's first two books but this was so out there. The big twist was just implausible. Way too far fetched. 

5. SOMETHING IN THE WATER BY  CATHARINE STEADMAN: This was another book with a whole lot of hype around it. It was being called the thriller of the summer. It just didn't work me, the nature of the crime and the crime itself, it's execution was too far fetched too. Just not for me. 

6. THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 BY RUTH WARE: Another thriller that didn't quite work for me. It was beyond easy to guess the mystery and I am so done women in thriller novels being unreliable, drunk and/or drugged or generally unsure of every single thing. 

7. DADDY'S GIRL BY SWATI CHAUDHARY: This book was a gift from my new sister-in-law, so it's not one I picked out on my own. I read it because it's loosely based on the Arushi murder case and I thought it would might be interesting.
It was not. At all! 
The writing was just bad. There were grammatical and practical mistakes galore. I don't know how or who edited this book?!

8. THE MISS INDIA MURDERS BY GAURI SINH: I bought this book thinking this would be a fun read. Murders at the Miss India pageant. What's not to love?!
The writing style was a little forced, unclear and meandering. 
The crime itself was preposterously far fetched. 
Just not good. 

9. THE AMATEURS BY SARA SHEPARD: This entire series was overall disappointing. They were quick reads and fairly engaging but it was obvious that the author is milking the books for a long-running series and hence, the perpetrator gets away! The first book in the series was, at least, decent because there was the hope of the perp getting caught in the next two books! But, no! I hate when authors keep writing books in a series that makes 

10. OBSESSED BY RUCHI KOKCHA: This book was easily the WORST book we've read all year! This book was SICK on multiple levels with no suspense, no red herrings and, if we're being honest, no story! UGH! Just don't pick up this book! 

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