Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 5: A Bookshop in the Hills- Oxford Book and Stationery Co., Darjeeling.


Today I want to share a glimpse into an old bookshop from the hills. 
The Oxford Book and Stationery Co. in Darjeeling sits in the middle of the Mall and is a great place to step away from the crowds and, of course, buy some books while you are at it. 
I briefly stepped into this shop back in 2012 but didn't buy anything, this time I was determined to buy some books both as a souvenir and to support a local bookshop. 

The thing I loved best about this shop is that they have a huge section dedicated to local reads. Books based in the Himalayan hills. Writers from the North East and tons of books on Folk Tales from these parts. Very different books and drenched in local flavour. I absolutely recommend you stop here for a quick or leisurely browse and come back with some very different books. 

Here are some glimpses of the shop..

I bought this book! 
It's very good! 

I loved my time spent in the shop and came back with 5 books. The haul of these books will be up in tomorrow's post. 


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