Thursday, 20 December 2018

2018 Favourites: Favourite Children's Books of 2018. {Blogmas Day-19}


It's that time of the year..the time to look back and pick my favourite reads of the year. 
I am starting with Children's Books simply because this list came to me the easiest and these were some of the absolute loveliest books I read all year. 

So let's get started! 


1. GETTING GRANNY'S GLASSES BY RUSKIN BOND:  This might just be the best thing I read all year round. It was cozy, comforting and heart warming and left me feeling very happy and content. This is the book that I will be reaching to for years to come when I am looking for comfort. 
Incredible and adorable. 
Ruskin Bond weaves his magic. 

And it's full of darling illustrations. 
Perfect reading for a young reader or the child in you. 

2. THE WIND ON THE HAUNTED HILL BY RUSKIN BOND: Another Ruskin Bond on the list! 
This book is a story of friendship and is full of love, comfort and heart warming vibes. I read this one recently and it made me want to run to Landour right this moment! 
5/5 once again and I cannot recommend this one enough! 

This one is too full of colourful illustrations! 

3. THE AMMUCHI PUCHI BY SHARANYA MANIVANNAN: This fantastic little book talks of about a very important topic of grief and loss, something I am sure several parents struggle with talking to their kids about. 
I have a full review of this book, you can find it HERE.
5/5 brilliant! 

4. SNOW AND ROSE BY EMILY WINFIELD MARTIN: This book was my special bookish buy for my blog's birthday in June. I wanted it since last Christmas and I was so happy when it arrived. I am not usually the biggest fairy tale retelling fan but this was, full of art and whimsy and an underlying sense of menace was a wonderful read. A perfect winter read, if you are looking for one and thoroughly engaging and fun. 

5. I NEED TO PEE BY NEHA SINGH: This book talks about an issue all of us girls face in India. The lack of clean toilets when we step out of the house! 
I did a full review of this book as well, you can find it HERE.
4/5 important and real and relatable. 

6. RANI LAKSHMIBAI BY SONIA MEHTA: A great book about one of the greatest female role models from India. Rani Lakshmibai will forever be someone who inspires respect and awe for everything she stood for. I loved this book and I learnt quite a bit about her early life as well. 
Review this one HERE. 

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