Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 11: Nykaa Make-Up & Beauty Haul.


My day today has just gone by in the a blur of a blistering headache. So, I have stayed off my screens for as long as I could possibly be. Hence today's Blogmas post is coming to you super duper late. 

My day started with some happy mail though..a ton of beauty bits from Nykaa. 
I shared the haul on my Instagram stories but I thought I'd share it on here as well. 
So let's get into it. 

Winter often means dry and chapped lips and a lip balm becomes an essential skincare item. I've heard so much about the Palmer Cocoa Butter lotion but I haven't ever tried it. My sister was in the market for a good lip balm and when we spotted this on Nykaa, we though we'd give it a try. 
This was really inexpensive, only INR 117. This lip balm is super thick and moisturising. Perfect to wear before bed and wake up with smooth lips. 
Very good! 
I am glad we got this. 

No Nykaa order is complete without getting some of their nail paints. 
This time I got these two. One is from their Cookie Crumble collection, I already own 3 shades from them and got a new one from their new launched. This one is called Gingernut Crunch and I can't wait to put it down.

The black and gold nail paint is calling Dancing Gold and is perfect for this time of the year. 

I was in desperate need of a good lip scrub. All the matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks look like crap if you have chapped lips. So this one from Forest Essentials will come in handy. I've already tried it and it's lovely. It's the right amount of grainy but it's not hard in the least. 
Highly recommend! 

I also got 2 make-up items from Nykaa. 
A BB Cream from the Skin Genius range, I have been using their foundation for a like a year and loving it. So when I saw they had a BB cream I was curious to try it. Thankfully, it is a perfect match for my skin tone. I got the colour Honey Beige. The coverage is light to medium and I also like that it comes with SPF 30. 

We also got a new eyebrow pencil, because I needed a new one and I didn't want to get my usual one from Benefit. It's great but I wanted to explore some affordable options. I hope it's good. 

Two lavender things!
Got some Lavender essential oil, mainly to use for household cleaning. I put a couple of drops in the water used to mop our floors and my home smells amazing plus lavender is supposed to keep insects and pests away. So win win. 

I also couldn't resist this macaron lip balm. I mean look how cute! 
This is in the blueberry flavour. I haven't tried it yet  but I hope it's nice. 

This Gel Shine nail paint was a freebie. 
It's a bright Barbie pink and I am not complaining. 

Nivea + Rose Water! 
Yes please! 
I wanted to try this the minute I saw it and man it's so good! Smells amazing, is super gentle and it took off my BB cream and lipgloss with ease. 
Highly recommend! 

This is a re-purchase that I highly recommend. I use this mixed in with my shampoo as a way to condition my hair and I love the results. It makes my hair soft and manageable and in the long run even promotes hair growth!
So good! 

And finally some more winter skin essentials- a hand cream. This one is in the Peony and White Lily scent and it smells divine and is just the right amount of thick. Not too thick that it sits heavily on your hands, so it's great to carry in your bag as well. 

So that's it for my little or not-so-little makeup and beauty haul. 


See ya tomorrow! 

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