Friday, 21 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 20: Style Haul/// Brooches from Deesa.


For today's edition of Blogmas I want to share a very happy haul of the most darling handmade brooches from Deesa by Deepika. 
This is my second time ordering from Deepika and I loved everything I got the first time around and then I spotted several new designs and I ordered a second batch of goodies. 

Let's see all of the super cute brooches I got! 

A black kitty. Look at it's cute little face! 
I just couldn't resist. 

Some retro ness! A cassette :) I miss these guys so much! 

A birdie. This one is for my sister, an avid bird fan! 

Some kowries and embroidery. A match made in heaven. 

A camera for a girl who takes way too many photos. 

I honestly cannot recommend Deepika's work enough. Every single piece is beautifully crafted and impeccably made. And gosh so freaking cute! 

Check out her Instagram for her beautiful brooches, HERE. 

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