Saturday, 1 December 2018

Blogmas Day- 1: Hello December + Goals!

Hello December! 

Hello Festivity! 

Hello Merriment! 

Hello Christmas!!! 


Hello Blogmas 2018! 

If you are new to these parts, Blogmas means blogging every single day till Christmas. 
I have been doing Blogmas on this blog for the last 2 years and it makes me so happy to be regular and post here everyday of the month. I know it's meant to be only till the 25th of December but I blog every single day. 

So get ready for tons of Favourites Posts---- Favourite Books, Films, TV Shows, Beauty Bits and Fashion and Style Favourites. 

Gosh! I better get started on these lists ASAP. 

I also intend to share bits and glimpses of my day and some usual hauls and reviews too. 

I don't know about you but I am excited for Christmas and for this entire Month! 

Please be good December. 

Be Kind. 

Be Gentle. 

Be Festive. 

Be Happy! 


1. Read A Lot/// Since I've been away for the last two months, my reading has been a little all over the place. Now that is expected and I am not too mad about it. Reading always takes a back seat when I am traveling and it's alright. But given that this is the last month of the year, I need to get my reading back on track. I have more than met my Good Reads reading goal but I'd still like to read a few good books before the year is up. 
So my reading goal for December is to read 10 books. 

2. Blog everyday. 

3. Put up my Christmas tree before the 10th. So it stays on for as long as it can. 

4. Buy presents for the family. 

5. Watch a ton of Christmas movies. Netflix seems to be full of Christmas films and I am living for it. Bring on the cliches and the mush. Tis the season for some warm and fuzzy feelings. 
I also want to watch some old favourites. 

6. Walk and see the Christmas lights around my neighbourhood and the city in general. 

7. Unpack properly and put things away in their right place. I am notorious for not unpacking after a trip. I just need to do better. 

8. Make my favourites lists. 

9. Make hot chocolate. 

10. Take a lot of pictures and document my days. 

I hope you have a wonderful month ahead. And it's everything you want it to be. 


Now I'm off to whip up some Sabudana Khichdi and get back to my current read,
Becoming by Michelle Obama, which is fantastic and I am having a hard time putting it down and focussing on much else. 

Happy Reading Folks!

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