Tuesday, 15 December 2015

General Whimsy: Bag Lady Part- IX.


Some more of my bag loves from recent months. 

1. A new purchase from Limeroad, from the brand Desi Drama Queen, a brand I've bought from before. I love this satchel. Love the colour and tone of the leather and I absolutely love the raw silk bits and the colour and print. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the size. And there were no size specifications on the website. :( But I still like it. So pretty and it will fit my essentials. 

2. A make-up pouch from Levitate Bangalore, a Kutchi embroidery lovely little thing that my sister picked out for me. It is the perfect size to fit all of my make-up essentials. 

3. An Anokhi bag that I carried during Pujo and I so love it. Love the colour and print and I love how big and roomy this bag is. It fits everything! 

4. A freebie. A tote bag I got when I bought my Illustrated Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. So cute. It's a nice big size and I am going to use it for grocery shopping and the like. 

5. An oldie but a goldie. A Zara suede satchel with leather trimmings which I so love. I bought it in 2012 when it was super marked down and on a great deal. Yay! Win-Win! :) 

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