Thursday, 17 December 2015

General Whimsy: Christmas 2015 Wishlist.



Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Christmas is around the corner and it's time to get festive and get in the Christmas spirit. It's also time to pile some gifts under the tree. 

I thought I'd share some things I wish would land up under my tree this Christmas. 

Time for a Christmas Wishlist! :) 

1. The Classic Saddle Bag from Cord: I am a bag lady. If you know me in real life or via social media, you'll know that bags make my heart sing. And satchel bags are my thing. And this bag looks adorable and classy and timeless. I have one bag from Cord already and I really love the quality and craftsmanship of the bag. 

2. Bucket Bag from Cord: Another Cord love that I want so bad. I have wanted a bucket bag for ages. Absolute ages and I really want this camel coloured bag is something I'll always love. You can get it from HERE. 

3. Sherlock Brooch by AndSmile on Etsy: Well! Do I need to even explain?! Sherlock. Beautiful Sherlock. So cute! :) Get it HERE and also look at the rest of the beautiful things on her Etsy shop. 

4. Roamani Backpack Day Tripper (Blue) by Happily Unmarried: Further proof that I am bag lady. And I am most certainly having a backpack moment. This jacquard fabric backpack is calling out to me and I need it in my life. Look at the gorgeous colours and print. Ah! You can find it HERE. Sadly, the bag is out of stock :( and it breaks my heart that I can't have it ASAP.  

5. Chumbak Slip-On Loafers and Lace-ups: Chumbak is killing it with their design and style. Their design, with loads of colour and quirk is right up my alley. Love it to bits. And I won't mind it if these shoes show up under my tree on Christmas tree. Get them HERE and check out some of Chumbak's bags and clothes. 

Hope Santa brings you all that your heart desires this Christmas. 

P.S: All of these pictures are from the brands and not mine. I take no credit for them. :) 

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