Sunday, 20 December 2015

General Whimsy: Things That Make Me Happy!


Just some things that have made me happy these last few days...

1. Hard boiled candy. Reminds me of childhood. Of simple times. Of sweet treats and joy. 

2. Fresh flowers. They just add so much life into your space. 

3. Yummy food. Pasta in particular makes me very happy. This plate of joy was had at Moshe's and it was so good. 

4. my Fauxdoris. I love this Traveller's Sized MTNs too. So convenient to carry around and write in. 

5. Love nights spend watching things on the laptop and drinking delicious drinks from Paperboat.  I especially love the Anar and Kala Jamun and Aam Panna flavours. 

6. Reading Feluda. It was my list of Bookish Goals for 2015 to read some of the Feluda stories. And it makes me so happy to revisit the world of Feluda, Topshe and of course Jatayu. So fun. And the magical things about these stories is that they make me want travel and see India. If you haven't read these stories, please do. They are lovely. 

Hope your weekend is going well. 

My Saturday was a very good one. I got my big Christmas present from my folks today...a new food processor! :) I am such an adult. I ask for grown-up things only. Who would have thought I'd ever ask for kitchen appliances?! I've also asked for quarter plates from my Maa. :) I have my eye on some plates from Chumbak! 

Back to my present-present, I've wanted a food processor for a while now and I am so happy to have one. Cooking, chopping and baking is going to be so much easier now! Thanks Maa and Baba. I love my present. :) 

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