Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Top 5 Reading and Blogging Fails.


While I was listing all sorts of Top 5 books of the year. I began to think of things I wasn't as kicked about and things I had not done nearly as well as I would have liked to. 

I had many plans and hopes for my blog and I did so many of those things while others I failed dismally. 

So let's see what they are shall we...

1. Monthly Wrap-Ups: I really wanted to a month end reading wrap-up on the blog. Thereby, talking about every single book I read and do a little review on it as well. I did precisely 2 posts of this nature and then just let it go. I don't know why...actually I kind of do.I read over 15 books in a month and the very thought of talking about alll of them gives me the heebie-geebies. :( I guess I feel a little lazy listing all of the books and talking about them. And honestly there are some books that I have nothing to say about...heh! I might try and do better with wrap-ups next year.

2. Project 365: This one breaks my heart.
I really wanted to document my life, things big and small and have picture a day for the entire 2015. But...I got to week 32 and then just stopped.
The thing is at the beginning of 2015, I wanted to use my camera more and take a picture a day.
I did well for most part.
Then in August our laptop crashed and every, EVERY SINGLE picture I've taken this year was gone.
I was heartbroken and angry and felt like the one thing I wanted to do this year was just gone.
And because of this I was so off with project.
But this is something I most definitely want to do this project in 2106 and I want to document my entire year.
Wish me luck!

3. Reading Classics: This is more a reading letdown I've had. I have always meant to read more classics. And God knows I have motley collection of  classics to choose from. Yet I've read a dismal number of classics this year. Something I absolutely need to amend this next year. And read more classics and make a dent on my Penguin English Library books. And read more Modern Classics as well.

4. Not Re-Reading: What is the point of having a personal library if one doesn't read old loves? I 1-2 books this year properly and then I read some of the Feluda stories again. I definitely need/want to re-read some books on my shelves.

5. 15 Books in 2015: I made a list in the beginning of the year. Of 15 books I must read in 2015 and you know what? I didn't read even a single book on that list! :) Not one! For shame!!!!!!
I might make a similar list in 2016 and I will share it on the blog to document it and may be that will make me want to stick to my list and do better on it.
Let's see.

I don't want to be very hard on myself and list more and more things I've done wrong with my reading and blogging. I do these things because I love it and it makes me happy. I don't want to hold myself to some standard or rules. I want to do both of these things- reading and blogging- in my way and do them in a way that makes me happy.


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