Sunday, 13 December 2015

Stationery Sunday: Speckled Fawns Traveler's Notebook

This Sunday we bring to you yet another beautiful Traveler's Notebook. This one is called 'Blood Moon' and is made by Terri Bradley who runs Speckled Fawns on Etsy.

The notebook is a pretty intense burgundy colour and the leather is super smooth and soft. I, especially, love all the pockets on this beauty! 

The one in the front can be used to stash the stub of the boarding pass or hold your id while you complete check-in procedures. Super useful! :) 

The best thing about this notebook is that while it is a Field Notes size (3.5 inches x 5.5 inches), it is a wider journal and can actually hold A6 sized notebooks inside. 

I am, currently, carrying 3 different sized notebooks in it- one tiny one and 3 A6 sized notebooks and they all fit beautifully! 

Quick look at the pockets at the back. I use the large one to carry some washi tape samples and the smaller ones can hold cards, but I don't have anything in there right now. 

So, that was a quick peek into what I am using right now as a travel notebook. It is super compact and is very handy. Love it! 

If these kinda posts are of interest, we are happy to showcase more such notebooks. 

Until next time, then! :) Take care, guys! 

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