Tuesday, 8 December 2015

General Whimsy: Bag Lady Part--- VIII.


It's been a long, long while since I've done a Bag Lady post on the blog. Not since May! Whoa! 
High time I share some bag loves on this space. 

Here are some bags I've been loving over the last few months... 

1. Zara Tote: This bag we  call Holga for obvious reasons. She is a over a year old and had been waiting to be used. My sister finally got around to using her and also took her along for some of her travels. She is spacious and unique and its pretty much everything you need including a laptop. 

2. Forever 21 Make-up Pouch: Fox! Fox! Fox! So cute. A tiny yet roomy enough make-up pouch for my sister. The F21 make-up bags are a delight. Cute designs and print and decent quality. 

3. Happily Unmarried Roamani Shoulder Bag: Gorgeous print and colour and jacquard loveliness. Roomy and yet not too cumbersome to carry. Gorgeous! I love this bag and the one I ordered myself with tassels on it. 

4. Westside Backpack: A navy blue heart print backpack which is cute and so useful to carry around. Fits everything and I have a feeling it would be lovely to take on holiday. Roomy and super soft and really a joy to carry. I am having a total backpack obsession at the moment and this one is one of my faves. 

5. Chumbak Mini-backpack: With a backpack obsession going strong, I added this mini love to my life in the last month. Small but convenient and that print is gorgeousness! So much in love with it. 



Unknown said...

Super cute! Crushing over the tote ever since I first saw it on your Insta feed :)

Pooja T said...

Thanks love :)