Thursday, 31 December 2015

Farewell 2015.


A year of 220 + books.
Of over 120 films. 
Of 2 months of travel. 
Of seeing family. 
Of going back to my family owned Tea Gardens. 
Of experiencing..spring, summer, winter and monsoon.
Of coming up with and ruminating over so many story ideas. 
Of being happy with simple things. 
Of being anxious over little things. 
Of being sad over things big and small.
A year of living. Of learning. And being. 

You were decent to me, 2015. 
I bid you farewell with a smile and gratitude. 


A little something I wrote late last night on my Tumblr.
I was sitting in my bed, all warm and comfortable and looking back at the year that really seems to have just whizzed by me. 
I remember December 31st 2014 so clearly it's absurd. 
I remember being in my kitchen. Whipping up a meal for my sister and me. 
My sister had an insanely busy time at work and so I was doing a special meal to cheer her up.
Latke and Chicken Cutlets. 

And now here we are a whole year later! 

I see no point in fretting over things big and small because before you know it...the time has passed on. 

2015 was a decent year for me...

The world at large, on the other hand had quite a chaotic year.
Terror Attacks.
Unkind words and actions. 

But there was also goodness, kindness and helpfulness in abundance. 

And I hope 2016 brings more joy and brightness along. 

We could do with some gentleness in this world of ours. 

I hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve. 

And I hope 2015 was a nice year for you. 


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