Saturday, 12 December 2015

General Whimsy: Happily Unmarried Roamani Bag.


This bag arrived in my life in May/June. 
I had wanted a tassel bag for ages and I looked far and wide. I found some that were for many reasons not perfect. 
Then I saw this jacquard fabric bag in the perfect colours-- pink, blue, purples and orange and I fell in love. 
And of course, the many tassels. 

Even though the bag arrived in June, I still haven't used it. 
The monsoons are just not a good time to carry a cloth bag, lest it get wet and ruined. 
Also, the bag's strap is a little too long and the tassels hang a little low. So the chance of it touching the wet floor or road was a little high. 

So I had to put the bag away and wait for the right season..meaning dry season to carry it. 

I love this bag. It's well-made and simply stunning. 

I can't wait to carry it around. :) 

I got the bag from Happily Unmarried

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