Sunday, 6 December 2015

Vignettes: Smoke House Deli.


I recently came to the conclusion that I am stuck in a food rut. I eat at the same places over and over again. Nothing wrong with eating your favourite food over and over but it's nice to experiment and eat different things and try out new things. 
With that thought in mind I am trying out new places and new food and expanding my food horizons, if you will. 

Now I've eaten at The Smoke House Deli before, I think 2 years ago. But I went there at an odd time. Late afternoon and the food was OK at best.

This time around we went at proper dinner time and I really enjoyed myself and the food and the drinks. 

Also they have swirly/spinny chairs which is just fun! 

I also love the decor of the place. Simple doodles and drawings line the walls and the whole vibe is relaxed yet elegant. 

I got this Jasmine Kiwi Melon cooler which was fantastic and delicious. 
I also had a cold coffee at the end of my meal---it wasn't on the menu really but they made me glass of iced-coffee which was really nice of them. 

For my food I made my own pasta---which means-- I picked out the kind of pasta I wanted--- Fusilli. Sauce--- a creamy Alfredo. With mushrooms, chicken sausage and bacon. So good! So very good! 

My sister got a chicken wrapped in Bacon with mashed potatoes and spinach deliciousness. 

For dessert my sister and friend shared a baked raspberry cheesecake which was also very good. 

We had a fun evening. Full of funny conversations &yummy food. 


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