Monday, 14 December 2015

2015 Favourites: Top 5 Young Adult (YA) Books.


Another Top 5 post, this time let's see some of the Young Adult books I've loved this year. 
Truth be told, I didn't read that much YA this year. Not as much as I've read in the past few years. 
So while coming up with this list I actually had to struggle a fair bit and think hard while thinking about the five books I liked best. 

Here in no particular order here are 5 books I liked best in the YA genre. 

1. The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel: I read this book pretty early in the year, while I was on my 2 month holiday in my parent's hometown. I remember getting it on my Kindle and turning to it on a night I was running a high fever and couldn't sleep. I didn't really even remember the plot of this book when I started reading it and just knew it was YA. But as I read the first few pages I really began to enjoy the book and it's premise. 

A dystopian YA, something that was all the rage a few years ago and something I hadn't read in a very long time. Set in a future when there are two sections in this particular society, the victors of a previous war and the losing side. The losing side must give it's daughters in marriage to to boys in the victor's side. The book starts when a young girl is married to a boy she considers her enemy and is on a secret mission to kill him. But as she begins to spend time with him and gets to know him, her mission seems harder and harder to accomplish. 

I really enjoyed this book. A simple-isn premise and a great set of characters and situations. The new marriage and the slow and believable falling in love aspect was especially nice. 

I gave this book a 4/5 and only yesterday got it's sequel on my Kindle. I can't wait to read it and re-visit this world. 

2. Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed: A YA set in Pakistan about a Pakistani-American teenager forced into an arranged marriage and her journey from hell and back. 
Riveting. Sad. Heart-breaking and yet so important to read and talk about and know since so many young and often underage girls are pushed into unwanted marriages by their families. 
Really enjoyed this book and I even have a full review of it on the blog. Read HERE. 

3. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen: Sarah Dessen is a big name in YA fiction. She has a ton of books out and is very loved. I've read a maybe two other books by her before and have fairly enjoyed them. This was her newest release and I read it because books about family and especially dysfunctional families always intrigue me. This was an enjoyable and intense and emotional read. I really liked it. A full review can be found HERE. 

4. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella: A book about anxiety and dealing with it and trying to overcome a debilitating condition. Realistic and genuine. And with Kinsella's trademark humour and quirky characters. A full review is HERE. 

5. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven: Even though I said this list was in no particular order, this book just might be my favourite YA book I've read all year. It even won the GoodReads Best Book in YA Genre. This was an emotional ride and so heart-felt and heart-breaking all at once. So good! Full of great and loveable characters. Read the full review HERE

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