Thursday, 18 January 2018

Vignettes: Postcards from Winter + Darjeeling Travel Diary.

Farewell Winter. 
If you know me at all, you know that winter leaving is one of the saddest times in my life. Admittedly, here in Bombay, we don't really get a full fledged winter but it's brief visit warms my heart like no other. 
And this week, winter is most certainly ducking out! 
Boo Hoo! 
So sharing some postcards from Winter and some snippets of my Dad's latest trip to Darjeeling. 

My father and some of his closest friends were in Darjeeling for Christmas. 
They stayed at this place called Little Tibet (below) and had 4 wonderful days. 
Well, my Dad sadly fell quite sick- a rare flare up of his asthma- and was stuck in his hotel for most the trip. But he did manage to go out and about and snapped some pictures. 

I haven't been to Darjeeling since 2012. 
I really hope I can go back soon but my Dad insists it's not as it used to be. Sadly, most of last year was rough for the hill station. And it hasn't fully recovered from the unrest. The ATMs aren't all functioning and even card machines at stores weren't working, which made shopping and eating out slightly tricky.

I can only hope the place and it's people get back on their feet and make Darjeeling the magical place it has always been! 

I also miss the foggy, wintery mornings of my hometown! 
Slow and deliciously cold. 
I can't wait to go back! 

I am going to miss winter so much! 

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