Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Monthly Reading Wrap-Up: January 2018.


January is gone (nearly) and it has left me with quite a few books read and some pretty diverse reads at that. January was a very good reading month! 
I hope the rest of my reading year matches January. 

Let's jump into all of my reading that I did in January. 


1. The Mussoorie Murder Edited by Ruskin Bond: My first book read in 2018 and even the first book I bought in 2018. Truth be told, I got this book thinking it will all Ruskin Bond. It wasn't. It is an anthology of classic short stories. I quite enjoyed it. 

2. One by Sarah Crossan: An incredible book. I loved it. Read it in one evening and I can't recommend it enough. 
So good! 

3. The Ten Dollar Bride by Sanya Runway: Another collection of short stories dealing with the myriad issues women in India face. 
Compelling and moving.

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, Illustration by Jim Kay: A very happy re-read! I will say that the illustrations in this book were so much more darker that the last two instalments, which completely fits with the themes in the book. 

5. The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan: I loved One so much, I got two more books by the same author. I read this one first and I did like it. Just not as much as One. It was about Polish immigrants in Britain and the racism and scorn they face. I will do a full review soon. 

6. The Aunt Who Wouldn't Die by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Translated by Arunava Sinha: A funny little novella full of family struggles and swinging family fortunes. I loved it! 

7. Are You Sleeping? by Kathleen Barber: Twists and turns and true crime podcasts. A fun and engaging read. 

8. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Hosseini: Another re-read. Just as amazing as when I first read it over 10 years ago. 

9. A Strangely Wrapped Gift by Emily Brynes: A collection of poetry! 
Who would have thunk it?! Me reading poetry! 2018 is off to a promising start with me expanding my reading horizons. I loved this collection of poetry, it's themes were mainly mental illness specifically OCD, love, relationships and life and living. So good! I am so glad I chanced upon this gem of a book. 

10. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett: My classic read of the year. Read in my beloved Puffin in Bloom edition and I enjoyed this book. It is a little twee but still enjoyable. I hope to watch a movie adaptation soon. 

11. People Who Eat Darkness by Richard Lloyd Parry: A non-fiction read. Chronicling the disappearance and murder of Britisher Lucie Blackman in Japan, this book goes into the victim, her life, her case and it's court case. I applaud the research that must have gone into this book. I really do. But Man!!!! This book was so boring and so deep into every single aspect of the story. Just..wayy too much. I was so bored and I wish the writer would just get to the point. 

12. Did You See Melody? by Sophie Hannah: Inspired by a very popular case. This book was a fun read. A sound thriller. With a great twist as well. 

13. Mrs. C Remembers by Himanjali Sankar: A great books about family, memory and even the world at large. So good. 
A full review will come soon. 

14. Salt by Nayyirah Waheed: Another poetry collection! What! I guess I like poetry now. 
I loved this collection of poetry.  It's main themes were race, feminism, self-love and self-worth. Very powerful stuff. I highly recommend. So good! 

15. The Ghost of an Indian Bride by Divyansh Munda: A short story very inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The Watson here is called Moriarty! 
It was enjoyable enough. A quick and engaging read.

16. Fly, Little Fish by Lavanya Karthik: An adorable read. Full of gorgeous art and illustration. A visual treat for young and older readers alike. 

17. One Dark Cloud by Sobha Vishwanath: A counting book for a rainy day full of lovely rainy day bits- rain boots, warm blankets and umbrellas. Very charming. 

18. The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent: I read The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent last year and I lovedddd it. So when I saw she had a new book out I immediately got it via Kindle Unlimited and read it as soon I got it.
I liked this book, it's fast paced and very engaging. I couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting. But it wasn't as good as her other book. There were quite a few twists and turns but a lot of them were fairly easy to guess.

19. Daughter of the Red Light by Shanoor Seervai: Another non-fiction read of the month. A short essay of sorts about the children of the red light area of Mumbai and the author's own experience with working with these kids. I quite enjoyed this book and reading about these extraordinary girls.

20. The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson: A thriller about a girl who witnessed the brutal murder of her sister and father as a teenager and bounced in and out of mental hospitals ever since. It was OK..not great, not awful..just average.

I've done reviews for a lot of these books.
Numbers- 2, 6, 7 and 12 all have full reviews.
So there it is!

20 books read.
Some Poetry.
Short Stories.
Picture Books.
A Classic.
A very wonderful mix of genres. I honestly, couldn't be happier!

January, you've been good for me and my reading life.
I bought over 20 books- a good way to start the year and read so many amazing books.
2018 is off to a good reading start.

How was your January reading like?

Do Tell!

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