Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Book Review: Sindoori Ranng by Gargi Saxena

Book: Sindoori Ranng 

Author: Gargi Saxena 

Pages: 42 

Read On: Kindle 

How Long it Took Me To Read: 20 minutes 

Plot Summary: A simple Indian girl's life falls in jeopardy when she discovers that she is being stalked. Everything in her world goes topsy-turvy as the anonymous stalker creeps into each aspect of her life slowly uncovering her boyfriend's real nature and her own desire to soar high in spite of her conservative family.
This short and fast paced story is a thrilling take on an average Indian teenager's life.

General Thoughts: This book was sent to me by the writer for an honest review. I read this book in one sitting (it is a short read) back in December and quite enjoyed it. 
All opinions are my own and not influenced by other factors. 
The book is available on Kindle Unlimited for free, if you are a subscriber of the service. 


1. Though this is a book about a teenage girl, I think this story will work for people of all age groups. It is relatable and engaging. 

2. The writing and the story telling style was decent. 

3. Being a super short read, only 42 pages, this works as a great read during your daily commute or even during your lunch/coffee/tea break. 

4. The premise of the story is something I found very interesting. An ordinary, small-town girl being harassed by an online stalker and the toll it's taking on her. Anyone who has experienced this sort of nuisance, even in the slightest amount, will know how unnerving it is. And the author does a good job portraying not just the stalking but also Sindoori's reactions and fear. 

5. Another very important topic this book covers is abuse within a romantic relationship. Sure, there are countless books and films about violence in romantic relationships but in India we don't seem to talk about it. Especially in small-town India, where romantic relationships are usually conducted on the sly and kept under wraps. Girls try their level best keep their romances a secret and away from prying eyes, so imagine if she is facing abuse and violence in this relationship. Who helps her? What is her support system? She can't quite confide in her family, friends might be wary of stepping in and, even if you do open up, there is the chance of being victim-blamed. A messy and sordid situation. 
This book does a good job of talking about this issue and I wish we had more conversation about it. 

6. Normally, I am not a fan of open endings. But in this case it works well. The ending gives you some answers but lets you- the reader- decipher the larger ending. I was quite pleased with it. 

Rating: 3/5 

This was overall an engaging read. Simple and easy to follow and accessible to every kind of reader. 

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