Monday, 1 January 2018

Hello 2018! Reading + Blogging Goals for 2018.

Hello 2018! 

Be a year of kindness, love, gentleness and good sense and sanity. 

I am so excited for this year. 

I am coming into this year with so much optimism and good vibes and I hope this year is good for all of us. 

Like every year I want to kickstart this New Year with some my my Goals and Resolutions. 
If you know me at all you know I am a goal setter. 
The start of the year is a happy time since I get to set-up my planners and think long and hard about my yearly goals. 

So let's get started...


1. Read 100 books- My Good Reads Reading Challenge will be it's usual 100. It is the bare minimum number of books I want to read in 2018. If I read more then that's great. But if it's only 100 I am OK with that too. 

2. Read more Classics- I make the same resolution every year and I do rather poorly on it. This year I hope to do better. 

3. Re-Read more. 

4. Read more intently and savour the books I am reading. 

5. Read old books on my shelves. 

6. Read more graphic novels. 

7. Go to new bookshops and explore new bookish places. 

8. Buy books I really want and not be overly fussed over the prices. Lately, I don't buy the books I want because I think they are pricey. I need to stop looking at price tags and not buying the books I want. I want to buy the books I want, even if it means I buy a few books and not buy 10 at one go. 

9. Read some new-to-me authors. 
I have so many writers I've been meaning to read for a long time and in 2018 I want to discover some writers and their works. 
The top of the list are
P.G. Wodehouse 
Zadie Smith 
Barbara Kingsolver

10. Read more non-fiction reads. 


1. Blog as much as I can. More regularly and on as many days as I can. 

2. Do more reviews. 

3. Do monthly wrap-ups and talk about every book I've read. 

4. Do more mini-reviews of books. 

5. Do more film and TV show reviews. 

6. Share more style snippets. 

7. Keep sharing my stationery bits. 


I hope that I keep most of my resolutions. 
All I can do is try my best and make sure that 2018 is a year I can be proud of. 

Do you have any reading resolutions? 

Do tell. 

Happy Reading! 

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