Thursday, 25 January 2018

Jewellery Haul: Pendants from Madhubani Motifs.


I am a big fan and a supporter of Indian Arts and Handicrafts. But if were to ask me about my favourite of all Indian Art forms I may pause for a minute and tell you is was Madhubani. 
There is something so deeply simple yet divine about Madhubani Art. This renowned style of painting originated in the Maithili village of Bihar. The painting is done with fingers, twigs, matchsticks and of course brushes and nibs. The subject matter is pretty diverse- people, portraits, Gods and Goddesses and even nature. Honestly, all things Madhubani are gorgeous. 

You can read more about Madhubani Painting HERE. 

My family has had ties to Madhubani too. 
My Thamma's family lived in Mithila for a few years and my father spent some of his childhood summers here. A place that is full of happy memories and nostalgia for him. He remembers seeing local women who would paint their homes and walls and even sarees in this style. 
Oh! What I wouldn't give to go back in time and see all of this for myself! 

So when I came across Madhubani Motifs on Instagram, my heart skipped a beat and I had to incorporate some of these beauties in my life and style. 

I got 3 pendants and I want to share them with you today. 

Look how gorgeous! 

The package came with an adorable handwritten note. 
I love when brands include little notes. 

I am having a total yellow moment right now! 

Flowers forever! 

I especially love the aqua and pink one. One of my favourite colour combinations ever. 

All pendants came with their own necklaces which are 23 inches long, which is a wonderfully comfortable length.

The art is gorgeous. 
The colours super vivid. 
The quality of the pieces is great too. 

Each pendant costs ₹600.

I totally recommend you check them out on Instagram. 

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