Thursday, 11 January 2018

Whimsy Wear: Birdie Brooches from By Paulami. {Fashion Haul}


Just want to do a quick haul of some seriously cute bird brooches I've recently bought from 
I think brooches are such an old world way of adding some nuance to your outfit. They take me back to my childhood & story books. 

These birdie brooches are made of pure silk and adorable and I've gotten loads of compliments on wearing them, plus they make me very happy! 

Green and Yellow! 
I love how wonderful yellow and pink look together. 

I got the red and blue birds back in December and was so smitten that I had to get two more for the collection. 

I now have all the primary colours and I couldn't be more pleased! 

Paulami also recently launched some Elish Maach brooches that I really, really want! 


These brooches are priced at ₹ 200 and in my opinion are worth every paisa! 

I highly, highly recommend! 

Paulami's design and aesthetic is slowly but surely becoming a favourite of mine and my sister. 
My sister recently got a bag and a wallet from her and we couldn't recommend her shop enough. 

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