Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Book Haul/// Books From Talking Cub- Prankenstein & The Little Ninja Sparrows.


Today I want to share a delightful book haul from Talking Cub books, a new imprint of Speaking Tiger Books. 
I was recently, very kindly sent these books for review and I can't wait to get to them.
I plan on reading them in February.
These books seem to be full of joy and even have darling illustrations.
They promise to be good, soothing, fun reads!

Prankenstein The Book of Crazy Mischief Edited by Ruskin Bond and Jerry Pinto: 
Is your school a hotspot for jokes? Do your family members regularly fall victim to pranks? Do ghosts and spooks get you into trouble? Find every kind of funny, crazy, impossible mischief in this book. Here you will find the girl who turned into a sloth just for her mother, the horse who went to the library and ate up some classics, the substitute teacher who saw dead people, the play where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and many more amazing tales of pranks and troublemaking!

Selected by Ruskin Bond and Jerry Pinto, these stories have been written by some of the best children’s writers of the country, including Sukumar Ray, R.K. Narayan, Ranjit Lal, Subhadra Sen Gupta, Paro Anand, Bulbul Sharma and many more. As an added bonus, watch out for brand new stories by Ruskin Bond and Jerry Pinto, too. Prankenstein is a delicious treasure trove of trouble and will have every mischief-maker plotting that perfect prank!

The Little Ninja Sparrows by Ranjit Lal: Chiddy and Gouri, two baby sparrows, are bullied mercilessly by their elder siblings. They are so traumatized that they absolutely refuse to learn how to fly. Instead, they run away, kindly assisted by Breaking Wind—a jovial breeze. But they quickly discover that the world is an unkind place; they are trapped, dyed red, caged and sold off.
A kind girl frees them, but the sparrows—still red and flightless—end up on the ‘hit list’ of the local cat mafia. From there, how do the timid little birds become the feared ninja sparrows? Will they be able to defeat the evil Siamese cats Ping-Li and Pong-La? Will they ever be able to return to their families? And will they finally realize that being a bird means being able to fly free?
In this delightful book, Ranjit Lal reveals the incredible drama that flourishes among bird and animal lives in the gardens and parks all around us. Clever, funny and full of non-stop adventure, The Little Ninja Sparrows is about finding your true place in the world—whether human or sparrow. 

So much happy reading in my future!

Thank-you Talking Cub for sending these books across!

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