Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday Moods: Shop Love-- Gaatha.


For this edition of Monday Moods I want to talk about a shop I've fallen in love with. I love their selection and their aesthetic is everything I love! :) 
Handmade Indian handicrafts..everything from stationery to bags, stoles, puppets, toys, utensils and so much more. I highly recommend you give their store a look and even if you don't buy anything..just reading through the website and finding out how things are made and the process and history behind them. So enjoyable and enlightening. 

Here are some of the things I found utterly charming... 

Being a stationery fan I of course perused through their selection and loved this Mashru striped notebook. Love the colours and the print is lovely. Such a great little notebook to  carry around in your bag and make notes on the go. 

Puppets! I am a fan. I always have had a puppet or two hanging around in my living space to brighten my home. I currently have a matching husband and wife puppets from Rajasthan that I picked up from Jodhpur. 

These crocodiles are so cute and so unique. Will add a dose of colour and mirth in which ever room they are housed in. 

I am a bag lady. 
Love me some bags.
And these gorgeous Kalamkari bags with vegan leather are just darling. 
I love how understated and simple and elegant these bags are. 

This shawl is perfect for grey winter days. Such a gorgeous dose of colour and embroidery. 

There are many other such lovely things in the site that I am so in love with. 

Go see Gaatha. 

It's a new love of mine. 


P.S.- These images are not mine. I claim no credit for them. :) 
And I have not been sponsored by this brand to talk about them. I genuinely liked their aesthetic. 

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