Sunday, 17 January 2016

Stationery Sunday: Journal Pages and Supplies.


Hope this Sunday is treating you well. 

For this edition of Stationery Sunday I want to share my journal and journal pages. 
I want to journal and document my life better in 2016. Keep a note of little things. Write down my thoughts and feelings and just put pen to paper. 
So far in the year, I've been good with writing my thoughts down. And I hope to keep at it for the rest of the year. 

I am using an Accessorise ruled paper journal as my personal journal this year.  I love this journal. The paper quality is fantastic and takes all kinds of ink really well. 
I decorate the pages with stickers and bits of Washi Tape. 
I am keeping it simple and just adding pops of colour with via pretty bits and bobs. 
Writing down and journaling really helps when I am feeling things a little intensely. Apart from the joy of writing and keeping a track of my seemingly ordinary days, writing is a release and something I enjoy a lot. 

My gorgeous journal. 
Everyday is an adventure. 

Washi Tapes to prettify my pages. 
My floral pencil case which is technically a make-up bag which I got as a freebie with purchase from L'Oreal. Isn't it so pretty?! I wanted to use it as pencil case rather than a make-up bag. It's a nice big size to house all of my pens and even some Washi Tapes! 

Pens and stickers and the like. 

Some blank pages before they get filled up. 
Bits of Washi Tape stuck as stickers as individual pieces instead all at once. 

Do you journal? 
Do you have a daily diary writing habit? 

Do tell. 

And have a great week ahead. 


Unknown said...


Love the way you have decorated your journal, simple and fantastic. Do you first decorate your journal then start to write or keep on writing and then decorate? Just curious.


Pooja T said...

Thank-you Ajita, well I do both sometimes I write and then decorate it. But lately I simply decorate and write as and when I please. :)