Thursday, 7 January 2016

Book Haul: eBooks of January 2016.


This year I want to be better about sharing my eBooks on this blog, especially the books I add to my devices- Kindle and iPad. 

At the very beginning of the year I added some new books to my life. 
Let's see what they are..

1. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon: A book about creativity and art and making it count and showing your work to the world. I've been meaning to read this book for a while now and I've heard only good things about it and the author in general. I also want to really read his other book 'Steal Like an Artist'. This should be a quick and fun and hopefully insightful read. 

2. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah: A historical fiction novel set during the Second World War. My sister is a huge fan of historical fiction and I mainly got this book so she could read and enjoy it. This book also won the Best Historical Fiction book on GoodReads. I am excited to read it, it has super high ratings on Amazon and of course GoodReads. 

3. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson: A non-fiction title. I really want to read more memoirs and non-fiction this year and this one is getting a lot of buzz and hype and it sounds lovely. A funny take on serious things and pretty horrid life situations. I am really excited and looking forward to this book. 

4. After The Crash by Michel Bussi: The premise of this book sounds so interesting. A sole survivor of a deadly plane crash, a little girl is claimed by 2 families as their own. Who is she? Who does she really belong to? 
I am all about the thrillers and I am always in the mood for one.
This one is getting a lot of buzz and I want to read it soon. Possibly buddy-read it with my sister and then discuss the book! :) 

5. Journey Under The Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino: I've read a few books by this author and I really enjoy his story-telling style. My sister is too a big fan of his writing and especially enjoyed Malice. My sister will probably read this before I do and will do a review for the blog. :) 

I intend to buy some physical books as well this month..hopefully.. and will share them when I acquire them. I have a few books sitting in my Amazon cart. :) 

Happy Reading! 


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