Saturday, 9 January 2016

Project 365 2016: Week 1.


This is my second attempt to document my year in photos.
I tried and got to week 32 last year and then tragedy tragedy. My laptop crashed and I lost of 6 months worth of pictures and was left heartbroken and lost my photo sharing/documenting mojo. 

But it made me very sad to have abandoned a project I cared about so much. 
I knew I wanted to try again this year and I complete it. 

I love a couple of things about this project with a very simple premise, a picture a day to document your day and have a picture for every day of the whole year. 
I love that I get to use my camera more often.
Document things big and small. 
Have my whole year documented in picture form. 

So with good vibes and high hopes I want to start my Project 365...or should it be Project 366 since this is a leap year. 

Let's see my First Week of 2016. 

Day 1 of 366: I spent a large and happy portion of my day setting up my many planners and being insanely happy and looking forward to new year and new things. I am a stationery and planning nerd and this was a great way to start my year. 

Day 2 of 366: Reading my first read of 2016 The Return of Sherlock Holmes paired her with my favourite bookmark that looks like Benedict Cumberbatch. Start the New Year with a good book and read good books all year round. 

Day 3 of 366: A old grandma-esque floral bag I've had since mid-2012 and am using only now to house all of my planners. A good way to store them and just grab my bag when I need to journal and plan. 

Day 4 of 366: Reading a magazine. I've had this magazine for a few months and didn't get around to reading it. Caravan magazine is a political and cultural magazine with very well written articles. 

Day 5 of 366: Tea drinking for winter evenings. 
I am drinking Tetley lemon tea.
And a Fabindia black fruit tea for my sister. 
Both of them are so very good. 

Day 6 of 366: A delicious bowl of butter popcorn to watch some TV shows. 

Day 7 of 366: Lamy Emerald Green ink for my Lamy ink pen. 
I am a big fan of ink pens. Love the high nostalgic quotient and the old world charm and elegance of ink pens. 
I love the act of cleaning out my ink pens and lovingly filling up my ink pens with many coloured inks. 

This is what my first week of 2016 looked like. 
Hope you had a nice week too. 

See you again next Saturday with a fresh batch of weekly snapshots. 

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