Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Book Haul/// Books of January 2016 + Colouring Books!


Time for the first book haul of 2016. 

I haven't bought any books since November end. December was no book buying month for me. It just happened that way. It wasn't a plan or anything. 

Since January I've been itching, ever so slightly, to buy some new books. 
Just a few. 
I got one fiction book...The All Bengali Crime Detective-II, The Mysterious Death of Probhat Sanyal. I have wanted this book ever since it came out in the end of 2015. The author very sweetly wrote me an email telling me of the book's release. :) I meant to get it and read it as my first read of 2016 but December was crazy busy I didn't end up ordering it. 
But better late than never. I have read it already and I will do a review super soon. :) 

The rest of this haul is Adult Colouring Books! They are all the rage. And for good reason! 
I've wanted these babies of ages...but all the famous, super hyped ones are sooooooo freaking expensive  (around 800-1000 rupees) that I felt a little bad splurging on them, I do have a gorgeous fauxdori insert from Yellow Paper House which is a colouring book and I loved it. I was looking on Amazon and I found these made in India books for Rs. 130 a pop! Win! 

I am loving colouring in these books. The illustrations are wonderful. The paper quality is excellent. You can colour with sketch pens in them just as well. So fun and so relaxing and such a great way to de-stress. :) I highly recommend. :) 

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