Sunday, 31 January 2016

Project 365 2016: Week 4!


This post is a day old but my internet has been a total bitch this last week. Working haltingly and then not at all. Also I was in a terrible mood yesterday and didn't feel like blogging on a day when I wasn't feeling the best. So this weekly recap comes a day late. 

This was a decent week. 
My parent's wedding anniversary. 
Yum food. 
Lots of colouring. 
The end of January. 

Let's see what I got upto this week. 

Day 22 of 366: Roses! A bouquet of red roses at home from family friends. I love having fresh flowers at home. 

Day 23 of 366: Pages, rather pages of my ebook. Process is messy. :) 
The page is from Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. 

Day 24 of 366: Kismi Toffee! Remember these? I love these elaichi flavoured delights. And of course they remind of my childhood and how much I used to look forward to these treats. 

Day 25 of 366: This has been a week of colouring and finding it endlessly relaxing and soothing. Love it so much. I highly recommend getting a nice colouring book, playing some music and just ignoring the rest of the world. 

Day 26 of 366: Dried flowers stuck in my journal. 
I want to put some leaves, flowers and wildflowers in my journal this year. Take a nature walk and collect samples and stick them in my journal. This is just a little beginning. 

Day 27 of 366: A tall glass of cold coffee. A caramel iced-coffee is so good for the soul. I've always enjoyed the coffee at McDonalds. Especially the McCafe range. 

Day 28 of 366: Raat ki Raani. 
Frangrant. Heady. Simple and so innately Indian. :)

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