Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday Favourites: Murakami + NOTD+ Tea + Kolhapuris + Miss Giggles.


Hope this Friday is treating you well. 

I am a little bummed out this Friday. The passing of Alan Rickman makes me so sad. :( He was such a gifted actor and he was so wonderful as Snape but he was also so much more. This has been a  week of losing legends. David Bowie and now Alan Rickman. 


Moving on...

My favourites this week are... 

1. Murakami..he celebrated his birthday earlier in the week and this got me thinking of how much wonder he squeezes into his books and how much I adore his writing. A Happy Belated Birthday to my favourite author. 

2. My sister's feet in a pair of classic black and gold Kolhapuri sandals. 

3. &4. NOTD...meaning Nails of the Day...or in my case Nails of the Week. Seriously, does anyone really change out their nail paint on a daily basis?! 

First is Copper colour which I really liked and was perfect for Fall/Autumn and really just about any other time...I am not one to be all..colours for the season! Any colour and season is more my speed! 

The mint/aqua colour is also so soothing and lovely. 

5. Little Miss Giggles...what is not to love?! 

6. Tea...a little view into my Tea of my Tea shelves. I collect a lot of Teas and don't nearly drink as much as I ought to. I am intrinsically a coffee person even though I come from a family of Tea Planters :) 

Have a lovely weekend guys. 

I for one plan on drinking some Tea! And making good use of all the Teas I have on hand. 



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Anon. said...

Hi,from Australia...

I have to say I agree it is quite sad about Alan Rickman, and David Bowie too...

As for the happy stuff, I love tea! I get it from my Dad as he always had tins of tea leaves when we were young and we used to love to open them and smell them all. He now uses mainly tea bags and has at least 30 varieties! No herbal or fruit teas though. Just traditional ones.

I myself like most of them too and I have tried a couple of chai teas. It's amazing how much they can differ...

Anyway thanks for sharing - I was looking for something on planners and your page came up. By the way I love the greeny nail polish I don't have many colours but that is one I love. It is summer here now so I have a very pale whitish colour on my toes and I had the same on my fingers until I had to take it off for work :(

I think I've gone on enough now, I hope you have cheered up a bit so I will say Goodbye and Goodnight!