Friday, 8 January 2016

Travel Diary: Planter's Club, Darjeeling India.


A little #TBT if you will for this Friday morning. 

Planter's Club is an old-worldly establishment, meant for the Tea Planter's in the region. It was a place for rest and leisure.  Set up in the last century it holds on to it's past glory and pulls you in with it's charm and nostalgia. I spent a few days here in the winter of 2012. It was a utterly charming experience. 
Old wood floors. 
Creaky floorboards. 
Twinkly night lights. 
Delicious food. 
Mantels decorated with old china vases and adorned with wildflowers. 
The biting cold and being warm in old pashmina shawls. 
It truly was a lovely time. 

These pictures were clicked in the downstairs Bar/Lounge and right by the Billiards room. 

I sipped on well-made hot coffee and breathed in the cold and clean mountain air. 

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