Wednesday, 27 January 2016

General Whimsy: Happy Republic Day + Some Favourite Indian Things :)


And a Happy Republic Day to my fellow Indians :) 

My post is a little...a lot late in the day but I did want to put a post up on this day. 
This day---January 26th is also my parent's Wedding Anniversary and thus even more special to my family. So I spent most of today with my parents and doing low-key chilled happy things and didn't get to my laptop till well after midnight. :) 

For today's post I want to share some of my favourite Indian things..things made in India and things that are intrinsically Indian. :) 

Indian art...which is a mix of many different schools of art. I love Mughal Miniatures, The Bengal School of Art and the subliminal work of Raja Ravi Varma. I love this bag of mine, which I am using at the moment which has a Mughal painting reproduced on it. 

Places...mountains. Beaches. Places of historical importance. India has something to offer to everyone. This is Darjeeling, on a cold, crisp winter day. :) 

Indian traditional gold jewellery. This cuff/bracelet is my mother's and it was a gift from her mother. These traditional pieces are so intricately made and show such amazing craftsmanship. 

Blue Pottery...colour and print and pattern. Works of art! 

Indian fashion...block-prints, handmade and handcrafted fabrics and handlooms. They bring me so much joy. 

Our festivals. Light. Colour. Devi-shakti and seasons and the triumph of good over evil...all things we celebrate in India. 

Indian history. So many years of living history and so many gorgeous monuments--palaces, forts and temples and minars and tombs. So much loveliness in one country. 


There is of course so much more to love...

Indian Food! 
Indian Writing---something I love dearly and really appreciate. 
Indian music and dance. 
Indian values and culture.
Indian humour. 
Indianness...all the things that make us who we are. 


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