Thursday, 21 January 2016

2016 Reading and Blog Resolutions.


I am a big Resolutions maker. I like having my goals for the year written down and I love keeping track of them. I love seeing my list in the end of the year and seeing how I fared. 
For years I made a general list of Resolutions...for life and living. 
But for the last few years I've been making specific resolutions for my Reading and much more recently for my blog. 

I thought I'd share my Reading and Blog Resolutions for 2016..

Do you make resolutions? 


1. Read 100 Books/// This is my set goal for Good Reads Reading Challenge. If I surpass this goal--good. If not I will still be find. I read 224 books last year and I will be happy if I get close to that number. Basically, I don't want my reading to be all about numbers and making it to a certain number. Reading gives me joy and happiness. I don't want a number to guide my reading life. 

2. Read More Diversely/// The whole reading world is trying to more diversely. My definition is a little different...I read a lot from writers of colour. I want to read more from South-East Asia, Middle East and from European authors. 

3. Read More Regional Literature/// More books from India, more translated books from regional languages. 

4. Read More Tagore/// I started the year with Tagore and I want to read so much more of his work. 

5. Read More Short-Stories/// I am loving short-stories at the moment. And I want to read from this genre. And try new authors and their works. 

6. Read More Kid's Literature/// For simpler and happier moments. 

7. Read More Graphic Novels/ Comics/// I read of a lot of graphic novels in 2014 but in 2015 I read very little from this genre. I want to change that in 2016. 

8. Don't Continue Books I Don't Like/// I should not waste my time reading books I don't like. Life is too short to read books that are awful. I also want to maintain a list of my DNF books-- Did Not Finish. 

9. Re-Read More/// I really want to re-vist old loves and re-read more in 2016. 

10. Read More Intentionally/// Read with my whole heart. Read with focus, concentration and mindfulness. 


1. Blog Daily/// I love blogging and lately I've really enjoyed putting up a blog post on a daily basis. By the end of 2016 I want my blog to have had 366 posts up. I really hope I can make this goal of mine. 

2.More Review Posts/// Try to review as many books as I can. Even if they are shorter reviews for some books, I want to share my opinions and takes on the books I read in 2016. 

3. Blog about TV Shows and Movies/// I watch a lot of movies and a adore so many TV shows and I want to document these and talk about these on the blog. 

4. Blog About Disappointing Reads/// This is something I usually shy away from on the blog. I feel very bad trashing books! If I have nothing nice to say about a book I don't mention it on my blog. But  I want to talk about the disappointing reads..and maybe help someone who might pick up the book! Or rather save someone from reading  a bad book. 

5. More Lifestyle Posts/// Share more of my life and more document my life on the blog. 

I sincerely hope I achieve most, if not all of these goals in 2016. 


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