Saturday, 30 January 2016

Monthly Favourites/// January 2016.


Instead of sharing some Friday Favourites this week I'd share my monthly faves given the month is nearly over. It went by quickly didn't it? But for some reason January felt like a long month...but not in a bad way. 

There are several things I loved about January. 

New beginnings. 
Resolution making. 
Winter nights. 

Let's see some of my favourite things from January.

Adult Colouring Books/// This brought me so much joy and calm and moment s of Zen. I love spending time colouring and zoning out. I highly, highly recommend you try this out. I have always loved colouring and all these years have had to make do with children's colouring books--which I didn't mind terribly. But these are so intricate and detailed and lovely.

Winter Nights & Tea//// January was also a chilly month in Bombay. The winter Gods finally smiled on my sea side city and we got enjoy the mild winter chills. I for one was overjoyed and grateful for the winter chills. My idea of doing winter right involves Tea drinking, wearing socks and being cosy and comfortable.

Beauty Favourites/// I have just two beauty faves this month.

Above: Two of the solid perfumed we got from iTokri. Rose and Lavender. They are made with natural ingredients and smell lovely. Not super long lasting but wonderful nonetheless. I also love the little tins they came in. Gorgeous all over.

Below: The Forest Essentials  Velvet Silk Body Cream in Madurai Jasmine and Mogra has been a winter must-have for me. My skin has been super dry and this luxurious cream..body butter..helps hydrate it and leave my skin smelling divine. If you haven't sniffed any Forest Essentials things it! You'll fall in love.

Favourite Pens/// These floral ink pens are everything. I am loving them. The design and illustration reminds me of Rifle Paper Co, which is so my aesthetic and they have a small nib which I really like. These were a gift from a friend, and I am so glad to have them in my life. Aren't ink pens/ fountain pens just delightful?!

Reading Life/// I had a really nice reading month in January.
I re-read 2 books.
I read 3 non-fiction titles.
I read a mix of physical and ebooks.
Re-discovered Tagore.

Journaling/// I have journaled so much in this month. I have written almost every day and this makes me so happy. I hope, I really hope that this trend continues throughout the year and doesn't fizzle out.

TV Favourites//// 

I have a few TV faves this month.

The first is Death in Paradise, a BBC show about a group of cops in a tiny Caribbean island solving crimes. First of all, the locations are stunning! The team of cops solving these cases is really sweet, quirky and adorable and the cases themselves are quite interesting! I love this show!


The next is, quite literally, an oldie but a goodie- a Doordarshan children's sci-fi show from the late 80s called Indradhanush! This show is just so cute and fun and just goes to show how interesting and amazing DD's content used to be in the 1980s! Truly the golden age of Indian Television! The episodes are on YouTube, so, if you're interested, you can go check it out.

Last, but CERTAINLY NOT THE LEAST- my utter favourite TV event this month was the Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride! The Baker Street blokes in Victorian England, a ghost bride killing various men and the fantastic dialogues, performances.. really.. everything! This episode was worth waiting for!

That's all for my January 2016 favourites! 

I hope your month was lovely!

See you soon!  

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