Sunday, 3 January 2016

Stationery Sunday: My 2016 Planner and Journal Set-Up

Hello and Happy New Year!

A New Year means new beginnings and for me, one of the areas where these new beginnings are reflected is in my planner and journaling set-up!

It's not that I have all new everything for the New Year- some of my inserts/ booklets are the same as I used last year- and some, especially, dated calendar-type inserts are new for 2016. So, let's get into what my three Traveler's Notebooks (TNs) pictured above are for...

1. Regular Sized Hand-Rubbed Antiqued TN from Naked Cow Leather: This holds:

(a) My 2016 Weekly Planner (I am using it to plan and document by personal milestones)

(b) My Dream Journal (I have really weird and sometimes scary dreams and so, I thought it would be fun to keep a dream journal and write down the crazy stuff!)

(c) My Reading Tracker, a little notebook that I bought from Yellow Paper House on Etsy, which I will be using to track my reading for 2016.

2. Onica Hanby Damask 'Sherlock' notebook: This holds:

(a) My journal (thoughts, memories etc.)

(b) My book of lists

(c) My book of memorabilia and mementos- bits and pieces for travel and mini-trips

3. My Field Notes sized 'Manila Sunset' TN from Zenkraft: This is my travel notebook and has a handy book for noting down to-dos and important addresses and phone numbers (always have an analogue back-up, kids!), a journal and an art insert.

I'll share some pictures of what these individual inserts are and how I am using them over the next few weeks!

Do you use any special planners/ journals to document life or just to manage tasks etc.? If yes, please do tell us what works best for you, we love learning from others' experiences! :)

Have a great week ahead, guys!


Unknown said...


Thanks for sharing how you manage your journals. The post is really good. Inspired by you I would like to share a little too. I use handmade notebooks to write about my feelings. I carry one pocket notebook to jot down words, phrases or sentences which I come across suddenly, like somebody commented something interesting or a dialogue from a film etc. I also use a notebook to store important phone nos, addresses, passwords, dates etc. And in another I do my financial planning, nothing serious but nonetheless important. So at a time I use four notebooks and I always prefer handmade ones than plastic. Your choice in journal is exquisite and fabulous. Looking forward for your next post on journaling.


Pooja T said...

Hey Ajita,

Thanks for your sweet comment and I love the way you use your journals and notebooks. I especially love the idea of using a pocket sized book to jot down phrases and words and movie dialogues. So coo!. :)
I do a stationery post every Sunday so do come back for more of my stationery posts. It's always nice to connect with people who love stationery as much as I do. :)