Wednesday, 6 January 2016

General Whimsy: Happiness Looks Like...

1. Cute Hair this case Hair Bows. I had a couple of similar things when I was a child that my Dida (maternal grandmother) sent me from London. I had a pink one, yellow one and a blue one pretty darn similar to the one in this picture. 
These bows just reminded me of my childhood and they are a good way to spruce up my everyday top knot. 
The top and bottom bows are from Forever 21
The middle one is from Accessorize. 

2. Candy in general but this white KitKat in particular was so insanely delicious. I love white chocolate but it's not always easily found in my part of the world. This KitKat was in a goodie box my Maa's BFF got us from the US. 

3. Ginger Bread Latte--- I've been obsessed with how we make our own Ginger Bread Latte at home. 
It's my favourite winter drink. 
All you need is 
Ground Ginger Powder
Cinnamon Powder 
Vanilla Extract 

It is that simple. 
Play around with the measurements according to your own taste and Voila! you have a cup of deliciousness in our hands! 

4. Early Morning Window Views--- Bright winter sunshine and green trees. 
Ah! All the light and pleasant weather is making me so happy. 
This is my favourite time to be in Bombay. 

5. Evening Views--- Pink skies and fluffy clouds. 

I try to find happiness in simple things. 
A view of the sky.
A well-made cup of coffee. 
Things that remind me of my childhood. 


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