Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday Moods/// Art Gallery.


And hope this Monday is treating you well. 

What better way to kick start a week than to talk about some art? 

A weekend back, whilst walking around in Kala Ghoda, we chanced upon The Delhi Gallery of Art and they had a wonderful exhibit on. We stepped in and it was was beautiful.

Indian artists and their work. 

The exhibit had a lot of pieces from the Bengal School, a style of painting that emerged in the mid-19th century initiated and popularized by artists such as Abanindranath Tagore and, later, of course, Jamini Roy.

I especially loved the work of Jamini Roy (the last picture is his artworks), who anyways happens to be one of my favourite artists/painters. I find his style of art simply stunning.

It was a great to spend some time and soak up the art and also learn a little about Modern Indian art. 

The exhibit is open till the 30th of June and if you are in Bombay and love art I highly recommend a visit.

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