Sunday, 14 June 2015

Stationery Sunday: Lamy Pens

 I have always loved pens, pencils, erasers, pencil bags etc. etc. Even as a kid, I loved and looked after my pens, pencils etc. like they were my babies *grin*. Age has done little to dim my enthusiasm about pens!

As a kid, I used to write with Hero pens (remember those?) and sometimes with Parker ink pens. Both of these were good and competent ink pens and great for beginners.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Lamy pens. I won't lie, initially, I was attracted to their bright and pretty colours and that's how I found myself trying out the different styles of Lamy nibs at William Penn.

 The Lamy ink pens come in a multitude of pretty colours. Here are some that I own. The bright green one is a Roller Ball pen.

Lamy's nibs come in three different sizes- Fine, Medium and Broad. I have never tried Broad because I tend to prefer either Fine or Medium nibs, whereas Broad is good for those who like their writing to be thick and bold. All my Lamys are medium nibbed because I find the Fine too fine and not as smooth as the Medium nibs. 

The Lamy pens are light-weight and have a great grip. I am not a student, but I imagine that if I were one, these would be great pens to write super-fast with!

Here's a shot of my pencil case with all my pens! I, usually, carry two Lamy ink pens and a few ball pens, a Sharpie, a highlighter and a mechanical pencil.. oh, and some erasers!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

See you tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

My brother will absolutely love these lamy pens when i gift him this on his birthday as she is very fond of collecting pens like this.