Friday, 12 June 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 23.


Week 23 was just a week. 
Nothing extraordinary. Just a week of living and being and getting from one day to the next. 
Life is sometimes this way...days blending into one another. Waking up, getting shit done, cooking meals, reading and trying to fall asleep at the end of the day.
Not bad.
Just life.
But the rains are here..almost and that for me is always a reason to rejoice! 

Here is my week in pictures..

Day 155: My sister's beautiful limited edition Blue Midori Traveler's Notebook. So pretty and it has the softest leather. I love it and I moved into it and my the printed thingie is a file folded for my Field Notes sized Neendori. :) This is to hold little things that I might want to stick in my journal later on. I love it. :) Stationery is something that always brings me joy :)

Day 156: Indigo. 

A little something my sister wore to a meeting. An indigo kurta from FabIndia and a crushed cotton duppatta also from FabIndia. 

I love wearing Indian clothes in the summer because nothing else can honestly fully fight the intense summer other than soft cotton and mulmul kurtas.

Day 157: Look up and you'll see all these tall sky-scrappers in Bombay. Lately, I have been into noticing the beauty in urban things and city living. Sure I'd much prefer pretty flowers and leafy trees- thankfully those are also abundantly present in my city. But even these buildings can be a pretty sight. Not to mention the utterly lovely Victorian architecture of Fort and bits of South Bombay. 

Day 158: A spot of solo shopping.
Do you like shopping with people or alone?
I like having at least one person around when I am making critical choices about clothing, shoes, make-up and jewellery. Not that I need input in deciding what I want but it's nice to sometimes have someone else's opinion.
This was me waiting at the till at FabIndia to pay for two super soft mulmul kurtis and a bunch of beauty/skincare bits.

Day 159: Grocery shopping. My favourite grown-up chore.
I have always loved grocery shopping, when I was little it was my Saturday morning ritual with my dad. We'd first go to local market for fish, veggie, fruits and herbs. And then it was time to go to supermarket for everything else. I also loved that there was a park on the way to the supermarket and my dad always let me run ahead and take two turns at the slide and see-saw. Some of my fondest memories. :)
Some of that love has lingered on in my adulthood and I love walking the aisles of supermarkets and picking up things I need.

Day 160: I am absolutely in love with gulmohars in bloom. Bright orange-red flowers just scream summer! 

Day 161: A little makeshift work-staion. A comfy and fluffy floor cushion and two squishy cushions placed very close to the AC to beat the summer heat and get some blogging done. Perfect!
It's nice to move things around in your house and find new places to get comfortable and get things done.

This was my week.
Hope your's was nice as well.

See you again next week.

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