Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Book Haul/// Flipkart Clearance Sale Haul. Part-I.


In the last week of May, Flipkart had their 50-70% flat sale on selected books and of course, I hit it and hit it good! 

I got 10 books..I think...and this is part one of that haul.

May 2015 was a good and blessed book buying month for me. Yay to new books! :) 

So far in June, I haven't bought one single book. Not one..but that may never know when the itch to book new books might strike again. :) 

For now here are some new loves I added to my bookshelves. 

Books Bought

Lexicon by Max Barry 
Mirages of the Mind by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi 
The Last Tycoon by F.Scott Fitzgerald 
The Broken Mirror by Krishna Baldev Vaid 
Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut

2 Penguin Modern Classics.
2 translated book- one from Hindi and one from Urdu.
One historical fiction. 
And one dystopian thriller. 

A nice, mixed haul. 

Happy Reading guys!

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