Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Monthly Favourites/// May 2015.


May is long gone and it's time to look back and see all the things I loved in May. 

1. Kala Ghoda Strolls and chancing upon cute murals. 

2. My Favourite Bag of the Month was this forrest green satchel from Charles and Keith. This bag is from 2012 and was my main Christmas present from my sister that year. I love it. It's colour. The style and how roomy it is in spite of not being huge. 

3. Clear Skies and the sea views. And long drives. Summer activities of fun in general. 

4. Paints and Painting...just spending some time doing some dinky art and playing around with colours. 

5. Favourite Shoes of May...have got to be these periwinkle Oxfords from Zara. I love, love, love them! 

6. Pelle Doris! I got my first ever leather fauxdori and I love it. My sister ordered us two Pelledoris from Pelle Studio and I fell in love with my lilac pelledori. Soft, textured and lovely. 

7. Summer Evenings...I am not a summer girl at all. I much prefer winter and all it's cozy vibes. But the light changing in summer evenings is nothing short of magical. The colours of the sky and a summer sunset are really brilliant. 

8. Book Shop Crawls...May was full of books. I went a litle crazy and added a massive number of books to my bookshelves--- I regret nothing :) 
Some of these books came the old fashioned way. Strolling in a bookshop and picking up books I loved. 
I especially loved spending some quality time in Kitab Khana and Bargain Book Hut.

These were the things I loved in May. 
I also loved that I cooked at home a lot.
I made some yummy drinks at home. 
I read over 20 books! YAY! 
And I spend some time with my friends! 

You were a long but lovely month May...see you again next year! :)

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