Sunday, 7 June 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 22.


Week 22 was a mixed one. 
Friends came over to stay and lots of laughs were laughed.
Funny Youtube vidoes and their even funnier comments read.
Then I fell sick!
Went on meds.
Rested. Relaxed.
Got better. 
Ordered books online to cheer myself what you must to make yourself feel better! 

A nice week...even my flu wasn't so bad! I mean it could have been so much worse! 

So let's see my week in pictures..

Day 148: A cup of tea in a cup with all sorts of tea paraphernalia on it.  I love the illustrations on this Chumbak mug. It's so simple but so utterly darling!

Day 149: Red nails for the week. I keep going back to this red a couple times a year. It is hand's down my absolute favourite red nail paint. It's matte and such a vivid in your face red. Shade 724 from Inglot.

Day 150: Got two new books in the mail. These were sent to me very kindly by the folks over at Bloomsbury India for reading and reviewing. I have already read Apocalypse Bow Wow and I'll be putting up a review for it shortly. Aren't these books stunning? 

Day  151: My mornings coffee and my morning paper. This morning also included holiday planning. Possible stay-cations and many other insanely happy things. This was a good morning. It also included some Rose Milkshake! :)

Day 152: Happie Mail from Happie Scrappie! I love the stuff Sam sends in her monthly happie kits. This is only a sneak peak at some of the darling air balloon stickers. They are all kinds of wonderful.  We got the A5 planner size kit last month and it was full of delightful goodies.

Day 153: Started falling sick and chose to wear cute and comfy tees to feel most at ease.
This tee is from Zara.

Day 154: A dreamy print shirt to be comfortable and stylish.
Mint is one of my favourite colours and add floral elements to the mix and I am sold.
This top is from Westside.

This was my 22nd week of the year.

Hope you had a nice week too and see you next week!

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pics...I come and visit your blog just to look at these wonderful pics.