Thursday, 18 June 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 24.


It's a lovely, windy, cloudy and pleasant morning as I write this post. And it just started raining. Perfect! 

Week 24 was a good one. 
Better weather. 
Busy days. 
Finally getting my closet in order. 
And a couple of days without coffee...I made it through. My coffee addiction might not be as bad as I thought. 

It was a nice week. 

Let's see my week in pictures..

Day 162: Document. 
Sitting down for dinner at the end of a long day and jotting down some thoughts in my Field Notes notebook, personalised with a doodle of my face and some owl Washi Tape. :) 
My owl pen is from Accessorize and it has two colours of ink in it. Red and Blue.

Day 163: Some pretty inserts/dashboard/dividers for an A5 size planner. Vintage paper turned into planner goodies. I am saving these for next year when I hope to use an A5 planner as my daily planner.I am excited. i am such a total planner girl. 

Day 164: Le Luna. 
I will always love the moon and think of it a a little bit of magic. 

Day 165: The sun came out for a little bit amidst the monsoon. 
I do not miss the sun at all. 
Bring on the rain and clouds! 

Day 166: Another day. Another dinner table- Indigo Deli- and a pretty floral Neendori for on the go notes jotting and journaling. So pretty! I am so in love! 
It all looks so lovely, floral and candle light. My meal was lovely too. 
Beer batter fish and chips and a turkey, ham and cheese sandwich. Yum! 

Day 167: Grand old buildings of Fort. 

Day 168: Yay! This handsome little dude arrived in the mail. I photographed him early this morning, but I was cooing at him (and the other bookmarks that he came with) all of yesterday. Made my day seeing him in person. So cute! He is from Crafted an Etsy store. 

So that was week 24 in my life. 

Hope your week was nice too! 

See again next week with more random snapshots from my life! 


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