Monday, 1 June 2015

Monday Moods: Hello June!

Just like that we are in June. 
Blink, wink and sigh and here we are in the middle of the year. 
It doesn't even surprise me anymore. 

June is an interesting month for me.
For years it meant the re-opening of school. Schools in Bombay re-opened on the 13th of June and most of the time it was marked with dark skies and heavy rains. So one went to school armed with umbrellas and hoping not to get drenched. 

Later on June meant a new year of college and all the adventures that came with it. 
Marine Drive waves.
Colaba Causeway hangs.
Lunches with the girls.
Movies in Sterling.
Mall crawling.
Shopping for new outfits. 
Canteen grubs.
Train rides.

So, I mostly have very fond associations with June. 

Also June means the advent of rains. Monsoon in all it's glory. I for one cannot wait for the monsoon to get here. I love the rains. No really, I LOVE THE RAINS! 

So here's hoping June is kind to you and kind to me.
Full of reading.

Just some pictures from June of the past year. 

Have a nice week ahead guys :)

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